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South Carolina against the HSUS Scam

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                  SC AGCOM CO-OP                       All Breed Poultry Show Feb., 8th 2014                Registration starts at 8 a.m, Judging starts at 10 a.m. T.Ed Garrisons Arena Cattle Complex      1101 W. Queen Street, Pendleton, SC 29670 Come one , come all. Bring the family and the kids out for a day of fun. This will be an all breed poultry show,meaning, bring any type of poultry you like. That can be anything from Rhode Island Reds to Bantams, to American Game Fowl, and anything in between. Birds will be judges at this show the same as any other show. So have them clean, in good health, fully feathered, sick birds will not be allowed to be shown , this is for flock safety. Please bring your own show pen, or drop out pen, something easy to access without a lot of effort, make it as easy on the judge as possible. There will also be a Junior Class for kids under 14 years old. They will only be able to show in the junior class. If you have questions on this we will be able to help at the show. The birds will be judged in the class that works best for the judging and the birds. After all bird classes are judged there will be 1 bird chosen for Grand Champion Best Over All, and 1 bird for Runner Up Grand Champion,and Junior Grand Champion this could be either a hen or a rooster.  We will have trophies, ribbons and other prizes to award all winners, all participants will receive a show certificate and all birds will win some type of ribbon, either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Honourable Mention ribbons, class trophies, or the over all trophies. This is an indoor show, so come rain or shine, the weather will not be a factor this year. There will also be a concession stand supplied by the complex staff, and clean restrooms No membership from any group is required. There will be a $5.00 per bird registration fee.  This is just a show flier, there will be more information at the show to instruct how to class the birds, etc. For any information we can help you with before the show call 864 314 2626 .